Take an ice cold dip at Caumasee in the city of Flims, Switzerland

Looking for an unforgettable weekend trip to enjoy with friends and family here in Switzerland? Then you want to see this enchanting lake near Flims city in canton Graubünden. It is called Caumasee (Cauma Lake/Lag la Cauma).


Flims is more or less 1 hour and 15 minutes drive from the city of St. Gallen depending on which route you prefer to take. In this case, we took the fastest way driving from St. Gallen through St. Margrethen – Chur – Flims.

There is an entrance fee if you want to swim in the lake. For adults, it will cost you 12CHF and 6CHF for kids 6-16 years old. Check out this website for information: https://www.flims.com/aktiv-sein/baden-schweiz/caumasee


The water’s temperature may vary, but most of the time it is freezing cold. It is because of the snow melting from the mountains. So prepare yourself. However, once you are inside the water, you’ll realize that it is not that bad. Although, the coldness of the water may cause your ears to ache. It is like having a brain-freeze. But eventually, it will pass.


And yes, there is an elevator if you don’t want to walk through the forest. It’s for free. There is also a restaurant at the location if you don’t want to bring food. However, it is not allowed to make some BBQs or anything that might cause forest fire. It is for everyone’s safety and to keep this place clean and green.

I would recommend going there as early as you can so you can easily find the best spots to sunbathe. Also, when you’re done, you still have enough time to visit other places. Perhaps, drive to Lenzerheide and try the 3100 meter-long Rodelbahn or visit the lovely city of St. Moritz – only if you want to make the most of your weekend.



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