Volunteer Experience at IRPD AG

Hey there! This post is about my volunteer experience at IRPD AG as a machine model painter. IRPD is an additive manufacturing company based in St. Gallen, Switzerland. I specifically worked at the Production Department where they operate huge machines for 3D printing.

After the products have been printed, taken out of the “cake”, sanded and painted with basecoat, it is then my turn to paint each item according to the original colors and appearance.

I volunteered for this job because painting is one of my hobbies. I enjoy painting even the smallest of details. I believe that I am the perfect person to do the job because of my meticulous attention to details. I want the models to look their best as if they were done by a professional painter.

No matter what project is assigned to me, the results always showcase the best of what I can give because I am dedicated to making sure that I meet the expectations of the company and their clients. Whether it is an external work for the clients or internal corporate tasks, I take pleasure on every chance I get where I can develop my skills through learning-by-doing and by having an open mind to people’s professional criticisms.

That is just who I am.

Please click on the video below to see a sneak peek of me at work. Or head to this link for more of IRPD AG videos: Irpd AG


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